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The Key to Choosing Wedding Florals

Planning a wedding in general can become overwhelming and costly, so there are some important things to consider before making any moves. Wedding florals can make the theme of your big day come alive, incorporating your favorite colors to meet your aesthetic. What many people don’t expect is that florals can take up about 10 percent of your wedding budget, so prepare yourself to make sacrifices or accommodations to meet your desired vision. There are a few key tips when choosing wedding florals that can make the experience a whole lot simpler, so get ready to take some notes!


Like the rest of your wedding arrangements, you will need to discuss the subject of a budget. Financially, flowers can add up for a number of reasons. For one, choosing flowers might need to depend upon the season in which your wedding is scheduled, and the amount of flowers you wish to incorporate. Set a reasonable budget that you feel comfortable with to ensure you won’t break the bank, and will have enough to cover the rest of the event. The average floral budget can rack up to a hefty $5000 to $8000, so be careful in deciding on a florist and what packages they offer.


Obviously, you will have an idea of what colors you will wish to incorporate on your wedding day. You may favor a variety of warm spring pinks, but you must understand the increase in price during different seasons. You may find that it is difficult to find pink peonies in the dead of winter, as they are considered a spring flower. It can be beneficial to find complementary colors that complement colors you love, but that favor the current season. Play around with different color schemes to meet your vision, but prepare to adhere to available color options depending on the time of year you get married.

Flowers really make the beauty of weddings come together! Choosing the perfect florals will give you a vibrant and lively day to remember, but be aware of the exceptions that come with the task. To ask questions or learn more about our services, contact us today.

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