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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Relay Station Event Hall Decoration Ideas

Saying goodbye to someone you love can be a difficult time for anyone. The time spent and memories made with them can make it hard to let go. We understand that the time of loss is a fragile period, so allow us to help you honor and celebrate their life.

Venue & Seating

The Relay Station offers a large variety of space and seating options with a capacity of 250 people. Our venue is a warm, country styled, event hall that allows you to add your own personal touches. When it comes to a memorial service, you may choose to decorate the space with items and colors that remind you of your loved one. It is our wish that you use our hall to create a space of comfort, remembrance, and love to ensure closure for anyone that attends.

Memorable Ideas

Though the occasion is often sorrowful, we want to give you a day to cherish and remember. For memorial services, the use of photos can allow everyone to reminisce and share the stories they tell with one another. Choose your favorite photographs to frame and place around the room for your attendees to view. You could also set up a slideshow that continuously plays throughout the service to see the wonderful life your loved one has lived. If music was important to them, represent the person you lost by creating a playlist of their favorite songs. Fill the room with things that were significant to them and end the day with a balloon release, a share of a prayer, or poem.

The purpose of a memorial is to commemorate who the person was, show respect to those they left behind, and to come to terms with them being gone. Let The Relay Station make this process easier so that you may focus solely on mourning them and taking the time you need to heal.

To ask questions or learn more about our services, contact us today.

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