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Finding the Right Officiant

Among other big wedding decisions to make, finding the right officiant is one of the most important. This is the person who will marry you in front of your family and friends, and will guide you through your vows before you say “I do”. Choosing an officiant will depend on a few different variables such as preferred religion or values.


Religious ceremonies are common, so finding the officiant that worships the same morals and God is important. This will make your wedding ceremony more traditional, and will fall in line with your expectations. Your vows might be based on your religious beliefs and morals, so make sure to have similar religious ideas to your wedding officiant. You might choose a Rabbi for a true Jewish wedding, a hometown church preacher for a Christian wedding, or you might choose to have a non-religious wedding all together. You will want to feel comfortable with the words of your officiant, so make sure you are on the same page during rehearsal.


Sharing similar values as your officiant will help them represent you, your partner, and your relationship perfectly. Your officiant might offer to help you and your fiancé write out wedding vows, which are incredibly personal. Spend some quality time with your officiant to get to know who they are, what they prioritize, and what their morals are. Some officiants offer premarital counseling, which is a great way to both prepare for marriage and learn more about what they believe in. What they choose to teach you and have you vow to do as a partner is a crucial part of the wedding ceremony, so make sure you agree with their views.

Officials play large roles on your wedding day, and will help you make everlasting memories for the years to come. The decision on who the job goes to is not a simple one, so be ready to search carefully! To ask questions or learn more about our services, contact us today.



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